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Low Cost Mobile Apps For Restaraunts & Business 

Get your own mobile app

Tired Of paying Grub Hub and Door Dash a portion of your profits?

You have worked hard to get where you are why should you have to give your profits to another company like grub hub or door dash just because they have a delivary app? We get it, it brings customers to your business that normally wouldn’t order bcause your business doesnt have a mobile app or maybe the one you have is out of date. Well why not own your own app?

Why Does Your Restaurant Need Its own Mobile App 


More Sales

Make more sale and keep the profits with your own mobile app. Don’t let Grub Hub and Third Party Companies take your hard earned money.


Customer Experience

If your customers are happy then they will keep coming back. One way to keep them happy is allowing the convenience of ordering on a mobile app.

Easy POS Systems

Easily Integrate any POS System into your mobile app and keep your business organized. Dont have a POS system? dont worry our custom mobile apps can be a stand alone Point Of Sale system.

Web Compatible

Having a good plan of action to grow your business is paramount to goal setting. We are always upfront in what you can expect and we will never take your money if we can’t help you and your business.  

Works on any Android Or Apple Device

That perfect angle, that perfect moment, that impression you never want to disapear. We use a fleet of camera equipment to find those moments for you. 


Allows Customer Feedback

Video production can be daunting. With so much to think about it may seem impossible. With a decade of experience, trust us for your video marketing.  


Customer Satisfaction


Jaw Dropping Designs

At Media Grizzly we work with top website designers and creative thinkers to provide stunning designs and intuitive layouts that help drive traffic and retain people. Our Colorado Springs SEO location specializes in building optimized sites from the get-go so your website will be ready to take on the industry from the start and look good getting there.   

Upcity Approved

Trusted By Colorado Business’s & Rated in the top 5 SEO companies in Colorado Springs.

We meet the challenges and ongoing plastitcity of SEO. When things change in a damatic way we make sure your buisness meets the demands of search engines.  




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