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Our vision spans more than Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. We want to help businesses of all kinds reach their online potential. We’re not out to make a quick buck like other companies, but to truly make a positive impact with our clients.

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We are a traveling media agency. With over 10 countries and 50 states in our repertoire we consider ourselves experts in photography and media solutions.




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Our past two destinations. Call or send us a message today to find your perfect travel photographers. 

Washington DC

With so much history in one place, it is no wonder why millions flock to the United States capitol city every year. An unlimited display of sites, galleries, and rare pieces of history meant our SD cards filled up quickly, and there was a lot to sift through. Inquire with one of our reps about stock photography from DC trip. 


A subtle haze, a sense of the unknown, and a refreshing tickle of dew in the morning awaited our hike off the coast of Oregon. We knew the trek would be wet and cold, but what we weren’t prepared for was the view that awaited us at the end- a similar experience we got to enjoy again and again. Inquire about our Oregon stock photos. 

Our Latest Destinations

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Media Grizzly’s Top 10 Most Photogenic Locations

1. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

With sweeping cliffs, and views that continue for miles, there is no place with more tranquility than with some of the best food than Ireland and its coast. 

2. Florence, Italy

Millions of visitors every year could attest to our rating for florence. Granduer churches and charming restuarants line nearly every street in one of Italy’s most popular and beautiful cities. 

3. Anatolia, Turkey

This hidden gem easily reaches to the top three of our list of most beutiful and history rich places on our list. 

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